Navicon Animations Using CSS3

A navicon menu is a popular element on almost all modern websites. It is sometimes referred to as a hamburger menu or a three-line menu. I would say the “three-line” is now an inoperable term because some websites have adopted more than three horizontal lines and others have come up with a totally different style. Another example of hamburger menu usage is when the icon is revealed on narrower screens. Nevertheless, navicons reveal menu lists when you click on them and thus help in your responsive design layout.

Now, they are many ways of creating navicon or hamburger menus: PNG or JPEG images, SVGs or creating elements such as spans or divs or whatever other html elements and then style them using CSS to resemble a navicon menu . For the purpose of this tutorial, will create our navicon menus using the latter. A word of caution though, the animations will work on modern browsers only. With that in mind, lets create and animate five hamburger menu examples with CSS3 animations and a teeny-weeny bit of jQuery.

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